Vault safe deposit boxes.

Other Services

Bank of Dixon County offers a wide variety of services in addition to deposit and loan accounts. Call your BDC branch if you have questions regarding any of the following services.
Safe deposit boxes are a secure place to keep documents and other important belongings safe.

All three Bank of Dixon County branches offer safe deposit boxes to rent. Various sizes are available at different price points. Rent is due on an annual basis and can be set up to be automatically withdrawn. Stop by any branch to rent a box. 
Ponca and Newcastle have notary publics available daily. Call ahead to see if Jackson has a notary public available. Notary services are available to our customers at no charge. Please bring proper identification, if necessary.
A night depository is available at all Bank of Dixon County branches. They are located in the drive-up at each branch, and they are checked every weekday morning with dual control by staff members to ensure security. 

If you experience any issues with any night deposit, please contact the branch at which you are having issues.
Mail your deposits or payments to any BDC branch. Deposits and payments are processed, with dual control, the day they are received in the mail. Mailing addresses for all branches can be found on the Contact Us page.
Bank of Dixon County processes wire transfers each weekday from 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Call or stop by the Ponca branch to send or receive a wire. 

Incoming Wire Fee $10.00
Outgoing Wire Fee $25.00
International Wire Fee $
Bank of Dixon County owns two ATM's. One is located at C&C Country Store in Ponca on Highway 12. The other is located in the drive-up at the Jackson branch. If you are using a BDC debit card, these machines have no fees.

Call (402) 755-2224 if you experience issues with either machine. 
To enroll or use the Telebank system, call (402) 755-2225. Through Telebank, you can obtain information about all of your BDC accounts.

If you have issues accessing your account information through Telebank, contact (402) 755-2224.