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Check Ordering

Ordering and reordering checks is quick and simple. You can order online or by calling any BDC branch. Please let us know if any information on the checks (names, address, phone number, etc.) has changed before we place the order. It is also helpful to know what check number the new order should start with. 

Click Reorder Link below to reorder checks or read the instructions on how to place a new order.
To reorder through Deluxe, you will need our routing number, your account number, and your zip code.

If you have never ordered checks through Bank of Dixon County before, please call us to place the order. We will need to know the following to order checks:
  • Account number
  • How the name(s) should read on the checks
  • Address (physical, mailing, or both)
Optional check features - let us know if you would like the following printed on your checks:
  • Phone number
  • Driver's License number
  • Title above signature line
  • 2 signature lines (for 2 signature required accounts)
Personal Checks
Bank of Dixon County offers a variety of check types and designs. For personal accounts, the options are nearly endless. Most of the time, our customers choose simple checks, but many designs and customizations are available.

When reordering or placing a new order with us, please let us know if you would prefer
1) single checks (no carbon copy) or
2) duplicate checks (with carbon copy)

Colors available for basic checks:
1) Gray
2) Blue
3) Green
4) Yellow

Business Checks
For business checking accounts, you can choose from regular checks or three-on-a-page checks. Three-on-a-page checks are available with an end-stub to the left of the check that remains in the book, and it can serve a variety of purposes. Click the link below to view some of the options. Call or stop by any BDC branch to explore all business check options.

We can also order custom deposit slips, binder covers, and endorsement stamps to simplify your business operations.